It's almost here....

Hello everyone.

We had a big Birthday in November - we turned 39 years old!!! I remember the day we opened so well. I was the Saturday girl and Mum made me stand outside in Danish national dress, Certainly won’t be doing that again in a hurry lol.

Well its been a very busy couple of months unpacking all of our new Christmas stock - glitter, glitter, glitter everywhere (not to mention cardboard and the dreaded polystyrene. Thankfully it’s all unpacked and most of it is now in the shop on display.

We’ve found new suppliers too - The Somerset Toiletry Company, Bombay Duck, Mallows Beauty, The Bottled Baking Co and Kikkerland are just a few. We also have our favourites with lots of new items - Gisela Graham, Parlane, Light and Living, Stoneglow, Freckleface, Maison Berger, Art Marketing, LSA, Dora Designs - the list goes on…..

I also had a cringe moment! I was interviewed by the BBC for Look East about retail and Christmas. i was told I did well but I felt really uncomfortable. Who knew my voice sounded so weird haha.

Ooooh! A bit of exciting news - I’ve been asked to judge Gift of the Year once again. I’m so proud to be recognised in our industry. One of the bonuses is I get to see all the new wonderful gift items and can then order them so that you, our lovely customers, get the best newness there is. Judging starts on the 16th December so wish me luck.

If I don’t get a chance to write again we would all like to thank you for your continued support and wish you all a

Look after yourselves and stay safe.

Best wishes

Katrina, Anne and Team Etcetera xx
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